Before the Open

It has been a helluva week… Finally found a good pot dealer in the neighborhood, some super duper smoke, so I’ve been doing a lot of photo editing and not too much trading. I have a comment from a wise trader who caught the huge reversal in financials trading UYG, a solid counter trend move that I have much respect for, and seek to emulate in the future. My macro perspective of the market (weakening American economy in real estate, finance and discretionary) hindered my ability to see the obvious out performance of the aforementioned sectors in the recent mess. I got burned shorting real estate in the reversal, SRS from 130-122, though I’ve bought it back ~107, SKF ~102, and SCC ~94. What really caused my surprise was not the correction in SRS, but rather, the lack of upside in GDX (which proceeded to happen the next day), which gave me a helluva scare. Needless to say, I’m short the usual suspects via SCC, SRS, SKF and long precious metals via GDX, GLD and SLV yet again. Yen and Franc will continue to strengthen over the next few months as the mess spreads. IBKR had great earnings once again, but continues to struggle in the lower 30’s, I guess it is hard to swim against the current. I’m still keeping a small position in BPT, huge dividend, and solid looking chart touching support. I’m also a tiny bit long energy and basic materials via UYM and DIG, but I expect to close these positions Monday, seeing as I was using them to hedge my bets over the weekend.