Twittered Tickers

Thoughts from the collective at
I suspect Google stinks, but I’m not short yet. It will rally, but there are better opportunities.
General Motors is also terrible, long or short. Better stocks abound.
C continues to rally, and thought it has hit my 7.60 target, there is no reason to run. 12 anyone?
I take a lot of shit for hating on Apple. Thus, I have nothing to say.
SKF continues to destroy the undisciplined, but I bet this will go to 300 again.

With the market in rally mode, even the worst stocks will rise. Twitters seem focused on big news driven names, and I suspect that is not the most fertile group for easy trades. I still think SKF will be a winner, but due to its enormous volatility, it requires a keen awareness of price trend and proper position sizing according to your personal risk tolerance.