I’m Not Gonna Lie

I sure am glad The Fly took the hit and not me. Here is the post I feared I would be writing tonight. Therein you will find what could have been my future had I not eaten two Xanax and overslept till 11am PST. Even upon waking, Fate conspired to aid me as my melanomic (read: spotty and bad) Internet connection encouraged a retreat back to bed; a life without connectivity isn’t worth staying awake for.

A loud knocking roused me from slumber around 1am, and to my delight, I was presented with an invitation to afternoon dim sum. Unaware of unemployment numbers or stock movements, I enjoyed a succulent collection of chicken feet, cow tripe, and pig ribs. Some may gag in disgust, but such things are a delight in troubled times.

Only after gorging on the bountiful deliciousness was my attention redirected to economic woes. See, I live on Main Street. Literally. Main Street, Seattle, Washington. Lots of crackheads. Lots of drunks. Lots of beggars. Lots of bums. It’s hard to miss how fucked up things are for many people. And that’s when it hit me. I’m winning.

Sure, the only stock I watched today was chicken, but walking away is a trade. Moreover, the 4% rise comes as no surprise in this volatile market, and missing it won’t ruin my future profits. You don’t have to fish everyday to be a fisherman. My SPY indicator remains bullish, but in high risk territory. Gamble with care.

That is all, so have a good weekend.