The Pain Of Gluttony

Thursday evening, itching all over and writhing in pain, I prayed to the Twin Pink Goddesses Bismol and Benadryl. It was getting harder to breath as red and white splotches began to texture my skin, but there was nothing to be done.

Note to self: don’t use the epipen for recreation, you just might need it.

An allergic reaction to Durian Coconut Milkshake, the most flavorful beverage I’d had in years, had rendered me useless. Being a cheap bastard, I don’t have health insurance, so the cost of emergency care should have concerned me. Yet, amidst the danger and suffering, all I could think about was missing a blog post.

Thus, barring more medical maladies, I will strive for regular updates from my bubble. Though I may be encumbered by poor health and distracted by lucrative projects, the chronicling of personal opinion is an interesting way to forge the future.

More to follow after a hearty round of dim sum…