Today’s Twittered Tickers $HK $UNG $ICE $PALM $RIG

Tickers making noise on StockTwits
HK looks like it is heading lower, maybe back down to 9.
If the market heads down, ICE looks like a low risk short, but the recent strength is more bullish than bearish to me.
PALM could double and still be a terrible investment. Risks are very high.
Massive volume is always a nice place to cover shorts, but RIG looks like it’s headed lower.
My best trade of the day was a surprise long in UNG. It remains a high risk long, good for day trades only.

Props to @dvolatility for spotting the UNG trade early in the day. A nice post on the rational can be found here. Being short during the day continues to pay, but my fixed income trades in $JNK, $HYG, $LDQ are still prospering. $GDX and potentially $EEM are the only equities I’m comfortable going long, everything else looks short.