Today’s Twitterd Tickers $CTDC $SPY $SRS $TBT $USO

Here are the tickers making noise on StockTwits
CTDC is showing a basing pattern, and a high volume Bollinger break in an uptrend. This looks like something worth buying on dips, but it is currently over extended.
The SPY is showing encouraging stability and remains in an uptrend.
If the shit hits the fan, SRS will be a good place to get involved, just look at that volume! Real estate has not kept pace with the recent rally and may have more downside to come. This is a very speculative long, beware.
TBT continues to rip upwards on huge volume. This is proving to be a great, low volatility trade in a fundamentally sound direction. Great risk/reward in this one. I’m buying the dips, rips and whatever else the tape can give me.
Oil continues to make an impressive rebound, and though we may have a pullback, I suspect this is the real bottom. Clearly, it is too early to say with certainty, but I’m buying DXO intraday and DBC for longer term positions. The risk reward has been PHENOMENAL.

Today’s action was great, even if the indexes ended up a tad red. Treasuries are still weakening which is giving a boost to oil and emerging markets. There is also excellent action in fixed income, but I’ll provide those charts in the next post.