Quote Critique

“The big guys are the status quo, not the innovators.”
– Kenneth L. Fisher (Forbes columnist)

Good quote, asshat speaker. I’m flying tomorrow, so rather than bore you with a personal attack upon Mr. Fisher, I will ask you to pray. Pray that I don’t lose both engines to a flock of birds, that the fellow next to me is not a fat nut muttering crazy threats, and that his smelly wife can keep their colic baby under wraps. Ask your higher power to grant me an attractive stewardess who likes getting railed in the bathroom and slips all her fliers extra whiskey minis.

If all the above are made so, I will slaughter 1000 oxen to gain the favor of the gods, making the market rise. Should my conditions not be met, the market will crumble like the walls of Jericho, and I will dance amongst the corpses of idiot traders. Time to pack flammable liquid and ammunition into my luggage, ciao!

P.S. Market still looks terrible, but with the volatility higher than Keith Richards, anything is possible. TBT remains my favorite candidate for upside potential.