Welcome to Smoking Securities 2.0!

My time at blogspot has come to and end.  The reign of wordpress is upon us.  Time to get back to basics.


Bullish % : Volatility

Tuesday’s action signaled a new uptrend with an increase in the number of stocks in bullish formations coupled with a decrease in volatility.  This change of environment favors the bulls, so shorts should begin to cover, and wait for the next round of government intervention rhetoric to end.

It has been a growing fear and suspicion of mine that the posts I make are not helping people understand the market.  Rather than give up and start a porn blog, I will endeavor to create a more familiar text based narrative.

Clearly, I can no longer afford to rely on the immediacy of graphical cues from charts.  More emphasis will be spent on explaining my selection of P&F charts, and the various conditions they represent within the financial markets.

I will begin writing some permanent reference posts that will serve as landing pages and guides for newcomers to this forum.  Due to my relative inexperience with the wordpress platform, it will be some time till I have a completed page with the necessary widgets to enable a rich media experience.

Nevertheless, I hope you, dear reader, will bear with me as I make these changes.  As always, all comments and criticisms are appreicated (especially criticisms).  I’m here to provide a service, and the better I understand what the audiences needs, the sooner I’ll be able to create content of value and interest.