Inflation Outlook $TIP

There are no signs of deflationary hysteria  as inflation protected papers continue to strangle comparable 7-10 yr. notes.  The long legged pimp daddy in the White House says we’re defending our “interests and values” abroad, but it won’t be cheap.  Gas prices continue to climb, undoubtedly a plot by the Bavarian Illuminati to destabilize my beach parties.  Unfortunately the April/May seasonality won’t soften the ascent, but I have assistance in such matters.  My central scrutinizer hedged my exposure to this growing transportation rape-tax, by purchasing tickets to Italy months ago.  Soon I’ll be dancing in the streets with angry Libyan refugees as I throw fist fulls of freshly unearthed truffles at effigies of Our Dear Leader.  Yet, in the end, I’m still long America and our interwebular weapons of kinetic face slapping.

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