And Now For Something A Little Same

The apparent autoeroticism of this process does not discourage. Though a benchmark for authenticity remains nebulous at best, the thrill of purging the mind for none, a minor feat of intellectual exhibitionism, does variably produce the sweet if fleeting sense of relief.

Respite from what? That strange sensation which lurks somewhere “inside,” though the origins of that existential malaise continue to elude. No question about it, the novelty of catharsis seems illusory, but the steak tastes right, so why not chew?

The ‘why’ of it all remains a dead end, best answered with “God,” “Big Bang,” schizophrenia or some other DSM trope. Only one question comes to mind each time the urge to rearrange light on the screen, what about and for whom?

Today, masturbatory escapism for yours truly, tomorrow, Elmer Gantry lives and we have plenty of oil, in a month, what does it matter? Each answer differentiates in symbol alone, but what we have seems little more than whimpers signifying nothing.

In keeping with tradition, a brief note on the state of financial markets. One word: better.


The percentage of rising stocks continues to improve as volatility abates.


After avoiding a truly Black October, the S&P 500 continues to hold onto gains and looks prepared to make new highs.


Bears continue to get crushed.

Bears continue to get crushed.

The energy induced panic of 2014 seems nothing more than a distant memory. Though oil has yet to recover, it continues to trade sideways, assuaging fears of credit contagion from defaulting drillers.

Greece continues to concern some, but so does Shmita & Jubilee, what myth of the week compels you to call your broker?