Take a deep breath…

Bitcoin – that crazy beautiful digital money entirely disconnected from the machinery and authorities of the Establishment’s fiat world. A pure cypherpunk concept, spawned by shadowy coders drunk on decades of combusting freedom philosophy and liquid cyberspace. It arrived as a luminous stranger into all our dazed lives, hitchhiking across the internet’s backroads with a wild thumbed MESSAGE scrawled on a cardboard sign: “DECENTRALIZE”.

Right from the start it felt motived by inexplicable cosmic forces, you dig? Bursting through blast-patterned p2p networks without asking permission, a big vinegary middle-finger to any would-be centralized masters trying to shake down the people’s finances anymore. This Bitcoin slipped alongside The Machine’s rulebook in a ballsy outsider maneuver too far-gone to be smothered by legislation or cashed-up startups trying to tame its black magic cryptography.

It seeped anonymously into our freak realities, radiant but formless – a peculiar rupture in the old paradigm where verifiable digital scarcity could actually be materialized ex nihilo. Out of nothingness! Through sheer thermodynamic stamina and resilience of a worldwide swarm of nodes all chiming in consensus, building an immutable blockchain ledger to record its arcane but unbreakable rules.

Freedom from the Moneychangers, the Scribes, the High Priests of Fiat! Bitcoin dispensed with pesky intermediaries, redistributing economic truth to the fringes. Whispers spread across cyberpunk mailing lists and hacker deserts, glittering from seedy chat rooms to the Silk Road’s digital kush oases. A Gnostic understanding of separation from old money’s establishment cults which had imprisoned us behind financial firewalls for aeons.

Bitcoin heralded a new psychic economy dished up by nobody – a way of exchanging value without implicated entities or governments mucking things up. Its obscure technobabble inscriptions were instantly recognized by bone-deep cypherpunks, dissident academics and coder guerillas fighting for sound money since Nixon divorced the dollar from gold’s disciplining physical scarcity.

The matrix had birthed a paradigm shift, a glowing new salted lifeform unbound from nation states or banks or identities. Unconfiscatable, anonymous, natively trans-national and open to all. To the so-called 99%, Bitcoin posed a crip-cusser techno-agrarian reset – a chance to discard the perverted rat’s nest of interest rates and fractional reserve banking enslaving us since the dawn of the physical bronze-age ledger. But did the blindered masses even grok what was taking root in their midst?

Wake up, you morlocks! Bitcoin’s miraculous emergence heralded a personal freedom revolt already soldered into its cryptographic DNA. By diffusing monetary authority across a neural decentralized network, it dissolved humanity’s collective conditioning based around inflating fiat currencies over centuries. One day whole generations born into Bitcoin would feel no such victimization from upwardly spiraling scarcity and erosion under dictated money supplies.

While we remained trapped in Cronied-up industrial age money supplies cooked up by a few drunk Wizards with capped teeth and Harvard drinking mugs, Bitcoin offered a sober escape vector. Step by step, block by block, it pioneered a new global reserve currency governed by tireless PoW mining instead of Mandarins or cabals. No longer could mere mortals abuse financial gods’ exclusive privilege of hyperinflating money supplies until regular workers drowned in systemic debt slavery.