Top Picks

Apple gets plenty of talk on
Short this dog. Looks like a good short to cover at 55 with a nice close stop ~90.
This is the trickiest of the bunch. I suspect it will move higher due to the credit crisis, but I do have a firm belief in China’s fundamental growth story.
I have a solution for Goldman. Tranche the firm into Gold (senior) Man (secondary) and Sachs (junk). Then keep the Gold, and sell the Man Sachs. (I smell bailout and a stock

My favorite vehicle. Watch the ATR and buy pullbacks if tomorrow is bad.
SKF and SRS are practically the same, so trade accordingly.

Selling (Inverse buying) was low volume, which is the only saving grace for the bulls. Other than that, the shit looks like it’s ready to hit the fan. If tomorrow is a washout, we’re in for some major panic. Cash gives peace of mind, so stay liquid.