Ratios and Such

It has been a wild week thus far, here are some internals.
Banks are back into a bullish position, goddamn whiplash got me.
There was a new X made in my primary market indicator, which is a great sign for equities. Risks are still high, but if the dollar continues to fall, this should continue to rise.
Transports have yet to turn around, and that is holding the market back.
All eyes on the BOJ. Now it is their turn to print money at our governments behest in the interest of maintaining “global economic stability.” God bless America, otherwise we’ll nuke you.
The NASDAQ summation index is still rising, so I’m staying long anything except the USD.

We’re coming into the final options expiration of the year, and it sure is getting hairy out there. The dollar is the most important variable, and it’s fate rests upon the willingness of foreign central banks to play our game. I’m fairly confident that the US will emerge from this looming crisis, but I’m holding shiny yellow stuff so I can sleep at night. I still can’t get my head around the move in Treasuries, but who cares when equities are moving up?