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The high volume suggests accumulation, so I like small long positions and extreme caution. isn’t showing me any volume, but the trend looks good for the bulls.

These 3x’s are a disciplined day traders dream, and an investors nightmare. N00bs beware.
I’ve felt RIMM was a dog for quite some time, and I still feel that way. It will rise with positive market sentiment, but it isn’t a leader anymore.
Bouncing around the lower Bollinger doesn’t seem bullish, and I like miners.

EBS looks promising if this market can keep up the rally. Options expiration will be dramatic, and I’ll be relying on the StockTwits to keep me informed. Seriously, StockTwits is fantastic; hundreds of minds combing through oodles of data for community profit. The potential of the group is far from fully realized, and I hope that it continues to thrive.