Today’s Twittered Tickers $AA $C $FAZ $SRS $USO

Here are the tickers making noise on StockTwits
Alcoa is pulling back into support, and technically remains in an uptrend. This may be a good long candidate once the market stabilizes, but stay away until another X gets printed.
Time for a wholly spurious prediction. Citi will go to three and announce there is no problem because their financial position is sound. The next day they will be bought by (insert remaining bank here) for the price of a Snicker.
FAZ looks like a strong candidate FTW as we enter another wave of financial obliteration.
I’ve been shorting IYR rather than buying SRS because I’m a huge pussy. That will stop now that the bears are back. This looks like a smoking long.
USO is getting slammed into its final level of support. I’ll get long once I see an X printed, but if we break 27, look out below.

If you’re searching for a bounce, try looking at SPY from November 20th to January 6th. Boing! My indicators say we’re heading lower, so I’m selling the rips as I suspect we’re due for a retest of the November lows.