Quote Critique

“With globalization, the big [countries] don’t eat the small, the fast eat the slow.”
– Thomas L. Friedman (NY Times foreign affairs columnist, referring to the Arab nations)

A cryptic quote without context, I can only assume Mr. Friedman was hungry when he wrote this commentary. Using words like fast, slow, big and small, confuses me because I have no idea what sort of metrics he reviewed to formulate this opinion. IMHO, countries that produce and utilize cheap, efficient weaponry, outlast the competition in the game of global survivor.

2 Responses to Quote Critique

  1. gregory says:

    forget metrics, go with the philosophy of the thought .. it’s a pointer to something, not a proof .. you must be a quant .. and look what those guys missed 🙂

  2. Charles Amadeus says:

    aye, metrics can be deceptive, but i find the theory espoused here to be nebulous at best. how does this inform my actions? what does this view impel me to do?