Twitter Ticker ($AAPL)

aapl090608Apple dominated StockTwits chatter as they kicked off the 2009 World Wide Developers Conference with new products and upgrades. Snow Leopard promises to be a faster and leaner OS, theĀ  iPhone has finally received a virtual landscape keyboard, and the new MacBook Pro starts at $1199. Sweet.

Looking back, this last post indicates that I had nothing but spite for Apple, so call me a flip flopper because I’m warming up to the cult of AAPL. A refurbished 24″ iMac is a steal, the iPhone GS appears to improve many of my early gripes (speed and keyboard), and it is hard to argue with a stock trading above its upper Bollinger band.

So long as AAPL holds above 120, things look rosie. Time to buy an iPhone GS.