Twitter Ticker ($GOOG)

GOOG090716Google’s earnings release has StockTwits buzzing as the tech bellwether reports disappointing revenue growth, sending the stock down 3% after hours. Whether or not GOOG has the intellectual and executive capacity to increase revenue growth remains to be seen, but Chrome and Wave may beĀ  game changers that offer room for expansion.

Despite the revenue hiccup, GOOG recently formed a buy signal and remains in an uptrend above a rising upper Bollinger. So long as the stock stays above 395.93, GOOG looks like a good place to take advantage of strengthening market sentiment. The tech space has been leading this rally, and considering we’re only a few months from the March lows, the out performance could easily continue for a few more quarters.

As a user of many Google products (Reader, Gmail, Search, YouTube etc.), I can say that the quality of their service is remarkable. Hopefully they will find more creative ways to monetize their data beyond suggesting trips to Amsterdam each time I look up RIMM jobs.

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  1. Leah Tsang says:

    Although the post is bit outdated, what you have suggested to buy at the level was fantastic. There are more great product coming like ultra high speed internet, Google OS…etc. All pointing to dominate the world’s business.