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Twitter Ticker ($POT)

Potash was a market leader before the credit crisis, and though it is trading above various moving averages and the upper Bollinger, this is not a great investment vehicle. The trend is up so buyers have the advantage, but I doubt this stock will make all time highs soon.

Today’s Twitterd Tickers $APOL $JASO $POT $SOL $SVNT

Here are the tickers making noise on StockTwits APOL is in an uptrend and rising on increasing volume. This looks like a strong candidate for further upside, but it remains under resistance. The strong volume is indicative of accumulation, but since JASO is in a downtrend, bets on further upside are high risk. POT has… Top Picks

Hot picks from Apple continues to enjoy a short term uptrend, but I think there are better places to feed. General Motors still looks terrible, but it too is enjoying a short term uptrend. Google might break the downtrend, but it’s at major resistance. POT is dangerous, and should be avoided (unless you like…