Month: April 2009

52-Week Highs and Unhappy Shorts ($GMCR $QSII)

This screen identifies stocks at 52-week highs with a high percentage of the float short. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Quality Systems are trading at all time highs. GMCR manufactures a addictive digestible psychoactive, along with doo-dahs that compliment the caffeinated lifestyle. QSII operates in the health care information technology sector, no doubt mining data…

Twitter Ticker ($AAPL)

The Pod People have had a nice run since the March shakeout, and while I think Apple is due for an ass kicking, it is best to go with the flow. The trend remains higher with price well above the upper Bollinger, signaling buying pressure. That said, resistance is heavy and the rally has occurred…

Enjoy the Holiday

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Municipal Bonds ($TFI)

Despite the lack luster moniker, SPDR Lehman Municipal Bond ETF (TFI) is near all time highs and rising on increased volume. How much further it will rise is uncertain, but the uptrend appears to be gaining momentum.

Quote Corner

There is nothing like a ticker tape except a woman – nothing that promises, hour after hour, day after day, such sudden developments; nothing that disappoints so often or occasionally fulfills with such unbelievable passionate magnificence. -Walter K. Gutman (Financial analyst, described as the “Proust of Wall Street” By New Yorker, You Only Have to…

S&P 500 Bullidex ($ES_F $SPY $SPX)

On Friday the Bullidex rose 9.78% to close at 194.4, breaking the January highs! The uptrend remains intact as the bears get skinned by some ballsy bulls. There is no reason to bet on a pullback until there is some evidence of weakness. Volatility remains in a downtrend and there is an increasing number of…

S&P 500 Bullidex ($ES_F $SPY $SPX)

The uptrend remains intact as the S&P 500 Bullidex rose 5.04% to close at 177.1, indicating less volatility amidst more rising stocks. A rising Bullidex is a buy signal as the market exhibits stability and better odds. Note how the March low failed to break the October low, a positive change in the market hidden…

Quote Corner

Individualism, private property, the law of accumulation of wealth and the law of competition… are the highest result of human experience, the soil in which, so far, has produced the best fruit. -Andrew Carnegie (Scottish-born U.S. industrialist, philanthropist, The Gospel of Wealth, 1835-1919)

Twitter Ticker ($INTC)

Intel has been trending up since the end of February and the price action above the upper Bollinger Band (top red line) is a sign of buying pressure.

S&P 500 Bullidex ($ES_F $SPY $SPX)

The S&P 500 Bullidex rose 3.13% to close at 168.6, giving strength to the bulls as volatility drops relative to the number of rising stocks.