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Emerging Markets Breakout ($EEM)

While global markets are on the rise, emerging markets as represented by EEM are giving a clean signal to buy. A double top breakout in an uptrend above a rising Bollinger is a good reason to start a position or add more units and raise stops. A move below 30.21 would warrant caution, but with…

Market Glance

The 5 least correlated positive return ETFs show numerous markets cracking critical support and making new lows. S&P 500 indicators are bearish across the board. The market remains fahklempt, buyers beware.  The only positive things I see are emerging markets holding above the November lows, and Treasuries failing to make new highs, despite ominous news…

No Charts, Just Words

My premier post of 2009, and it’s a little nerve wracking, sorta like blogging for the first time. What do you want to know? My market opinion’s are the same as a few days ago, so that isn’t interesting. For the record, I’m holding IWN, IYR, EEM, DBC and TBT, but that doesn’t really matter….