Interface Prototype for $SPY

I’ve been doing a great deal of day dreaming and wishful thinking these past weeks.

sp500prototype-copySo I figured I’d try making some visualizations of my thoughts.

Aside from depicting an S&P 500 in a short uptrend approaching resistance, this graphic has some other interesting things.

Imagine all of the financial data you interact with, and how to access that information today. CNBC has interviews online, Google Reader brings in a few blogs, check TweetDeck to follow StockTwits, and Market Place is on That is a good deal of browsing, and if you want data in real time, you’re constantly revisiting and reloading the same sources.

How about using the time line features of volatile securities to display informative financial media? What if each red arrow was a linked mention on StockTwits, a Bloomberg clip, maybe a blog post, anything RSS? Say if both charts were scalable to user defined time frames, editable by others you follow, wouldn’t it be a better way to sort the financial data relevant to you?

Google has tried this with their pitiful line graphs, but their charts aren’t sufficiently data rich IMHO. My combination of charts indicating price, breadth and risk is great for trend following. The inset charts are a different period, enabling trend analysis across multiple time frames, a nice feature all too often overlooked.

The possibilities are quite entertaining, more to come if I don’t get distracted by another idea.

4 Responses to Interface Prototype for $SPY

  1. Rob says:

    Interesting idea, but too complicated for the average user. Use as backup to a simple list of buy and sell signals.

  2. Lucas says:

    fuck the average user.

    I thought of this some years back, though not with point and figure graphs, which I think is what will make this work. …if you keep on it.

    each box (or cube even) produces an intersectional history drived from data flowing from the component coordinates. something like that.

    put the whole program on a kindle. etc.

    • chucklesamadeus says:

      I hadn’t thought about Kindle, but that’s an interesting idea. Thanks for the support buddy, I really appreciate it. I’ll keep at this until I’m rich enough to quit.

  3. Lucas says:

    I was thinking that this is how I’d like to publish my newsletter archives, embedded in pf charts. so let me Know when it’s up n running!