Today’s Twitterd Tickers $APOL $JASO $POT $SOL $SVNT

Here are the tickers making noise on StockTwits
APOL is in an uptrend and rising on increasing volume. This looks like a strong candidate for further upside, but it remains under resistance.
The strong volume is indicative of accumulation, but since JASO is in a downtrend, bets on further upside are high risk.
POT has managed to make some ground since I first covered it here. Though it is enjoying a short term uptrend, the volume has been anemic and I remain suspicious.
SOL had a huge rally, and while it may have more upside, pros like TK are taking profits. This is a risky long.
SVNT is showing a nice breakout with strong volume. The primary downtrend makes this a speculative long, but the pattern offers a good risk/reward setup.

My primary indicator has remained positive for awhile, and thus I’m relieved to see some bullish action. I’m currently in IWN, DBC, and EEM, but I sold my TBT this morning for a b/e trade; bonds just aren’t ready to go yet 🙁 Things feel overbought and I expect a pullback, but the picture continues to grow bullish. Risk remains high, but the uptrend has yet to fail.

Off the record, there are some assholes appearing on StockTwits. We all know who they are, and somehow, I can’t seem to stop following them. I enjoy watching these tools act like total fuck clowns, because I’m praying for their public demise and subsequent humiliation. God forgive me for my malicious thoughts, but truly, some of your animals test my resolve. One of my New Years resolutions is to be more hospitable towards blustering idiots, but it’s Dec. 31st, so fuck em.