Month: October 2008

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P&F Chart Porn

This is a Monthly view of the NYSE New Highs-New Lows since 1999 Daily View Notice that the oscillator rarely trades above 0 during bear markets. ~2% of the NYSE is trading above the 200DMA, less than 40% is no good for investors.

Black Friday

The Euro and Pound are crashing, S&P Futures are limit down, Gold is falling, the Yen is at a 13 year high… This is going to be an epic Friday. I’m waiting for a Russian Debt Default, a Tsunami in London, and a Terrorist Attack in NYC.

Dollar Dollar Bills Ya’ll

Perhaps the dollar is finding its strength in the massive liquidations and margin calls… perhaps market participants think that the numbers coming out of the foreign markets are more bogus than our own… perhaps the markets are pricing in the implicit military threat of not accepting dollars. I’ve heard comparisons of the US to the…

Follow Dead Cats with Moon Shoes

The market looks poised to rocket up after an explosive weekend of *gasp* nothing. If the speed of the recent decline is any indicator, this is setting up to be one of the sharpest bear rallies in history. TBT for a bet on rising Treasury yields as the TED spread narrows.

6 Months Later

A tip of the hat to people who can actually blog for more than a month… I certainly couldn’t. Now that we’re plumbing the abyss of financial Armageddon, it seems prudent to comment on these so-called historical times. Does anyone remember Hank Paulson’s “strong dollar policy”? People (including myself) scoffed at ol’ Hankie every time…