Truth Understood Compels Belief

As you do unto others, you do unto yourself.


Any moment can end up the last time you have that experience, each second in consciousness stands unique and distinct from the next, never to return again. Savor it, thank your lucky stars, and grok the next. You might not know when something shall be the last time you experience it.

The Blog is Dead, Long Live the Blog

More than a decade has past since I began emptying my head of thoughts and placing them in this virtual receptacle. Though my consistency lacks rigor, a modicum of amusement always arises when I look back at past ideas I found compelling. This project began as a trading journal of sorts, a thread to help…

Relentless Selling Persists

Look out below! (BTC, GLD & BND FTW)

The Big Ouch

Re-posted from: I hate sucking so hard at this, but enjoy the lulz. I just lost $1k+, and you can too! from ethereum I’ve had the pleasure of participating in crypto for several years, and I’ve made plenty of mistakes, from Satoshi Dice, to buying the early ASICs, to leaving coin on Cryptsy and sending…

More Bad News To Come?

In last month’s post Trouble On The Horizon¬†I mentioned that things looked grim for the NASDAQ as the volatility continued to rise relative to the number of stocks rising within the index. NASDAQ internals haven’t improved since that post, and the situation continues to deteriorate in the S&P 500 and the Dow 30. To add…

Quick Thoughts on Crypto

It occurs to me that I haven’t published a damn thing on blockchains since 2014. Bit of a shame as things have really taken off since then. One day I’ll have to recap the past few years in hashland; there have been some crazy ups, and downs that made my head spin and my stomach…

What’s good?

I’m reading no less than half a dozen books right now… Infinite Jest – Holy shit. Seriously. Wallace’s mastery of the English language makes us all look like degenerate parasites who don’t deserve to live. High recommend, even if it’s a cliche and pretentious thing to like. The descriptions of drug addiction and parental conversation…

Trouble On The Horizon

SPY & DIA holding up, but the breadth and volatility of the NASDAQ feels ominous. We haven’t seen this kind of action since July 2015, about a month before a memorable flash crash. Broadly speaking, when the blue line rises above the red, stay long stocks (SCHB). If red gets above blue, favor bonds (SCHZ)….

20% CAGR & 7% MaxDD Since 2008 with $HYG $REM $DTD $TLT

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