Month: May 2012

I’m Beginning To $SPY The Light

Despite Wednesdays weakness, markets look like they are consolidating and may be ready for a push up, despite a collapsing FUCKBOOK and other gut churning news. As the chart above illustrates, the percentage of bullish stocks is beginning to rise relative to the volatility of the S&P500, offering a low risk entry for index buyers….

Treasury Time

Not surprising but worth noting, TLT is showing up on my list of rising products with large short positions, coinciding with the Bullidex making fresh lows as the markets continue to weaken. Stay liquid.

S&P 500: Look Out Below!

View Post Bullidex for May 5 20012 Hey folks, I haven’t been on the box for quite some time, but I just wanted to make a small observation about the US markets. It looks like the ride up the ol’ S&P 500 is coming to an end as the Bullidex is now trading below a…