New High Short Squeeze ($DDUP)

DDUPAccording to Yahoo, Data Domain has received a bid from EMC for $30,  a 16% premium from today’s close. DDUP began appearing on my short squeeze screen, but due to the recent overall choppiness, I remained on the sidelines. The alignment of EMCs offer and DDUPs appearance on my screen serves as a reminder that price tends to lead news ‘surprises’.

For the record, here are some other related ideas. PALM looks hot as its new flagship phone gets ready to launch. GTMN makes me wonder if stocks with G-Mountain are lucky (see GMCR). VPRT intrigues me because I’ve recently considered their services for my own computer IT service start-up. Finally, INT looks like a champ if commodities stay strong.

Short squeeze stocks only have an edge in bull markets, so consider trading on the long side when the general market direction is favorable.