How to Make Coin: Minting Crypto-Cash in 2014.

This is an introduction to a series on bitcoin and related crypto protocols; from hardware to software, pools to exchanges, wallets and services, we cover the key concepts for participating in the emerging digital economy. The aim is to distill the entire process of coin creation into an easily digestible guide with proven methods.

  1. Hardware selection and software tweaking is a tedious and time consuming process that intimidates the uninitiated.
  2. There are many coins and many ways to get them, understanding pools and exchanges are the key.
  3. Storing and using coins for long term investment, various wallets and services for BTC users.
  4. TL;DR Premium ATI GPUs, gui-miner scrypt,,, & beyond.

If you are curious about rig setup, pooled mining, currency exchange and the world of digital crypto-currency, stay tuned.