StockTwits Hot Picks

Here are the tickers making noise on StockTwits
I haven’t liked AAPL for months, and only price will convince me this isn’t a terrible company.
Damn cognitive dissonance… my psychology continues to work against me because I think oil is cheap, but there is no evidence of a trend change.
FMCN appears to be in trouble, and remains a short candidate.
SINA is another Chinese company taking it on the chin. Nothing pretty for the bulls here.
At the risk of revealing more cognitive dissonance, SLB looks like a good short candidate here.

I’m more interested in buying fixed income ETF’s like HYG and JNK than getting long any of the above. I’d buy oil if it would just stop knifing lower every 2 hours. Short was the way to play the day, but buying the dip isn’t dead yet (I think).