No Charts, Just Words

My premier post of 2009, and it’s a little nerve wracking, sorta like blogging for the first time.

What do you want to know?

My market opinion’s are the same as a few days ago, so that isn’t interesting. For the record, I’m holding IWN, IYR, EEM, DBC and TBT, but that doesn’t really matter. You’re not me, you don’t know my position sizes, my time horizon, hell, you probably don’t know how old I am.

Why are you reading me?

My trading in 2008 didn’t land me a trophy wife, nor bottle service at Lotus. If you want stellar returns, read TheFly, Tim Sykes, or some other player who has been in the game longer. I don’t know how to give you, the anonymous reader, financial advice; everyone has a unique disposition to risk, so I’m not even going to try.

How is anything here useful?

This blog is a record of my process, a personal history. I have the memory of a goldfish, and in order to maintain discipline, I’ve elected to publicly display my victories and foibles. In the past year, I’ve had some great ideas, just check out my first post in January of 2008 here. Of course, I’ve also had some daunting errors that were “rewarding educational experiences” (read: cost me dearly).

For the sake of personal integrity, I promise to be as honest as my ego allows. Admittedly, I sometimes fail to publicly face the evidence of my stupidity. Nevertheless, it is my hope that you can learn from my mistakes, enjoy my triumphs, and come to know your self better through my recounted experience. My journey into the realm of finance has been a source of personal pleasure for years, and I hope to share that joy with you in 2009.