Cash Is King

Market conditions continue to deteriorate as panic spreads around the globe.
My SPX indicator made a new O, signaling increased volatility and fewer stocks in bullish formations. Buyers should step to the sidelines and wait till the current rush to safety subsides.
The buy write index continues to outperform the underlying SPX, reinforcing my bearish sentiments. A break of the upper Bollinger looks to be in the works, so stay defensive.
Equities have entered a new downtrend relative to bonds, so despite talk of a Treasury bubble, there is no appetite for risk.
The Dow Jones World Index is now below the 10sma, and since the global equity markets move in harmony, buyers should beware the primary global trend.
Fewer stocks are trading above their 50dma amidst rising volatility. Any trading on the long side is best left to billion dollar funds that can provide the liquidity being sought.

Another wave of fear is sweeping the markets, and there is no telling when it will stop. The possibility of another massive bank failure looms; Citigroup can’t catch a bid despite a headline deal with Morgan Stanley. SRS and FAZ are the best vehicles for making money intraday, but the incredible volatility requires strict discipline and mental stamina.