Historical Indeed

A new guy moves to the White House every eight years. I think the real news is here; today was the biggest Dow drop on inauguration in history.
Volatility is screaming upwards, and clearly fewer stocks are in bullish formations. The tape still warrants selling the rips, and I suspect we’re in for bigger dips.
Buy write strategies continue to outperform the underlying index, indicating bearish sentiment as the market seeks to hedge long positions.
The momentary bounce in the NAMO was snuffed out by torrential selling. Unless you can move quickly, defense wins this game, so don’t jump on the equity train.
The scariest chart I follow is the NASI. A run to the LEH collapse lows would be a doozy. Like all of the charts in this post, I have no confidence in any bounce until I see an X.
Amid the increasing volatility, fewer stocks are trading above the 50dma, so investors will probably continue to sell their increasingly worthless stocks.

The collapse of RBS and BCS should be making headlines every 2 minutes, but all eyes and ears are tuned to the $170 million party in D.C. A massive liquidation could be in the works as Britain finds itself trapped between a collapsing Pound and hemorrhaging banks. Cash remains king for all but the most nimble traders and disciplined short sellers. Breath deep.