Quote Critique

“Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority.”

– Thomas H. Huxley (British scientist and humanist, defender of Darwinism, 1825-1895)

Dissolution of old media is clearly on my mind, here’s a quote denying the value of expertise 100+ years ago.  Anarchy is on the rise.

2 Responses to Quote Critique

  1. ghamal says:

    Sorry for the barrage of comments. But you should twitter these! They’re enjoyable and aren’t offered yet by anyone else (I did a Twitter search and nothing similar came up.) It would be ultra simple. I’m on twitter allot, let me know if you’d like help. Something like:


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    • chucklesamadeus says:

      i love twitter, but opening another account specifically for quotes doesn’t sound like something for me just yet. perhaps you’d be better suited to the task. nevertheless, i do tweet every new blog post, so you won’t miss any quote critiques if you watch my feed.