Hungover Trading

Two long nights away from home and plenty of unread email to show for it.  How do people maintain their virtual presence with such persistence?  As far as blogging goes, I still haven’t figured out the nuances of image posting in WordPress.  Nevertheless, here is Monday’s look at my super awesome, totally original and completely incomprehensible SPX Bullidex.

bpspxvix0902022February started on a bad note, following a miserable -8% January in the SPX.  The new red two printed in the far right column indicates a new downtrend, signaling increased volatility amidst fewer bullish stocks.  Thus, investors should remain cautious with their cash, for this environment is better for day trading short term time frames.

As I write a tutorial for my brand of charting, it dawns on me that perhaps the rational is unimportant, and only my interpretation need guide the viewer.  Sure, I’d love it if everyone who looked at my graphics could glean as much information as I do, but in the end, I don’t mind being the Delphic interpreter of these computed auguries.  I hate to sound impatient or arrogant, but the inability for many folks to grasp the significance of charting the market environment gives me little impetus to clarify my views.

Sadly, those who can understand the charts probably don’t need my analysis.  Moreover, the people who can’t figure out what the X’s and O’s mean are generally enthralled with earnings, p/b, cash flows and CNBC.  Part of me wishes to contribute to this burgeoning web based society, but the other feels compelled to create a personal record, regardless of the legibility to strangers.  With few people grasping the value of my missives, I leave you, dear reader, with the following question: should a hungry fisherman teach fish how to avoid being hooked?

2 Responses to Hungover Trading

  1. ghamal says:

    Trying too hard to explain yourself or please everyone would kill your creativity and sap your endurance. You need both of those. Better to just let the blog serve to organize your thoughts as you see fit, so you’ll continue it for your own personal satisfaction and growth. Smart readers will follow along and ask questions as needed.

    And let me thank you for the epiphany that I could use Bollinger bands with P+F charts. Simple concept I had never thought of.

    • chucklesamadeus says:

      thanks so much for reminding me of why i started blogging in the first place, i think you’ve renewed my faith in this process. moreover, im really happy to know that you’ve had an
      “ah ha!” moment due to my postings, i hope i can continue to provide such value in the future.