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Well so far Wells Fargo (WFC) has stayed in the game, but this bounce is doomed before it is made.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

True 15% up is a nice move, and it could make it to 13.2. The writing is all over the wall, this bank has much further to fall.

I don’t want to boast, but here‘s my first post, though it maybe too late ’cause it’s from Dec. ’08. My first fears were expressed at 25.89, and at the rate’s falling it’ll soon be a dime.

If you don’t think that can happen, look at the field, plenty of banks have ridiculous yields. They can’t pay their dividends, preferred or otherwise, the assets are questionable as gold chutes fill the sky.

Investors beware, these waters are dark, and in this stormy market, why swim with sharks?

4 Responses to Twitter Ticker

  1. Ryan says:

    Love the reptition in the first line. Considering most traders can’t spell, I applaud your literary virtuosity.

    • chucklesamadeus says:

      Thank you good sir, I do do my best, I hope you enjoy it, it’s here to impress.

  2. Scott Daniels (CheebaD) says:

    Hey Charles,

    Followed you on twitter because of a tweet by Howard.
    I just checked out your site, i like it, P&F charts.
    Please tell me more about your methods with P&F.


    • chucklesamadeus says:

      I’m developing a guide to PnF charting, but it is a difficult task indeed. Stay tuned for more, and in time the process will reveal itself.