S&P 500 Bullidex ($ES_F $SPY $SPX)

BPSPXVIX090715The S&P 500 Bullidex has resumed an uptrend, signaling decreasing volatility relative to the number of rising stocks. This change implies a bullish market conducive to successful investment. I’m long quite a few stocks, and you should really take a look at the list posted by The Fly here.

The economy sucks, unemployment will probably rise, but the market is psychic and it foresees sunshine on the horizon. Actually, there is no sunshine, it’s a psychotic hallucination brought upon investors by their insatiable addiction to financial media, but who cares?

Rational explanations do not matter, for if the market moves, it is best to move with it. Resisting a herd of coked out bulls is a sure way to get trampled. People are scared, all sorts of crazy talk and Congressional whatever-the-fuckery, but there is a persistent bid in the overall market, buy when people are fearful.