The Blog is Dead, Long Live the Blog

More than a decade has past since I began emptying my head of thoughts and placing them in this virtual receptacle. Though my consistency lacks rigor, a modicum of amusement always arises when I look back at past ideas I found compelling. This project began as a trading journal of sorts, a thread to help me find a way through the maze of beliefs and impulses that seem to guide my behaviors and actions.

Much has changed in the past few years as my nights of solitary existence stoned on sweet sensimilla have given way to the labors of a married, mortgage paying, parent deep in the sleepy suburbs of the Pacific North West. Gone are the nights of Dionysian ecstasy, of bribing my anarchic stomach at 2am with clumps of chow mein, of listless and nihilistic tendencies wrapped in self-aggrandizement and narcissism (I hope!).

I have entered that common era called mid-life, enjoying an unexpected existential calm in the eye of the parental hurricane, with a deep sense of meaning and purpose utterly lacking during my mid 20s. Simultaneously encumbered and liberated by the needs of our newly formed human being, the expanded sense of self requires an examination of habits, the editing of unconscious behaviors and a rearrangement of my patterned existence in order to best fulfill my new role as guardian.

Surprisingly, a profound sense of duty to my yet unborn great grandchildren has arisen, a call from the distant future has awoken me from a slumber I didn’t realize had taken hold. Along with the stewarding of wealth, thinking deeply about the ethics and multi-generational impact of my livelihood, being and emotional intellect has become an increasingly persistent part of my daily routine, which brings us here.

One never knows when the big sleep hits, and though I endeavor to outlive my dog, mortgage and possibly my wife, the reaper may come knocking sooner than anticipated. As my son has only turned one, the cache of thoughts, experiences, dreams and ideals contained in my mortal coil remains secret. In an effort to unfurl the past, present, timeless and potential future for my pre-linquistic progeny, this blog seems as good a place as any to begin the work of sharing a story of our people, place and purpose.