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Twitter Ticker ($INTC)

Intel is buzzing on StockTwits after posting better than expected earnings and rising 7% after hours. I’ve been accumulating INTC since posting this in April, and I’m hardly surprised by the stellar results. The semiconductor sector has been leading, and the numbers prove the market was ahead of the curve. Trading above the upper Bollinger…

Twitter Ticker ($INTC)

Intel has been trending up since the end of February and the price action above the upper Bollinger Band (top red line) is a sign of buying pressure.

Pitiful Pitfalls Prevent Profits

Trading has many advantages, but articulating long term strategies is not one of them… Though I expect good things from the precious metals sector over the next year, today is the second day of high volume downwards action, confirming my thesis that there is a short term top in gold ~900. I’ve sold all my…