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Dabbling in Debt

Fixed income ETF’s continue to show strength in a weak market. I continue to add to my HYG position as the momo in this ETF has yet to wane. After closing my LQD for a hefty gain, I’ve made a smaller reentry with a tight stop. Emerging market debt continues to make solid gains, but…

Market Movements

With the dollar going down faster than my H.S. prom date, let’s see where we stand. The emerging markets like Brazil and India are breaking downtrends and upper bollingers. LQD continues to rip north on large volume, but I’m getting out for larger returns in precious metals. While there are many gold miners, few are…

What Credit Crisis?

Who would believe it if I said AAA Bonds are in an uptrend?Good volume and a new Bollinger touch bode well for companies with good credit. With Treasuries getting bubbly, AAA corporations are offering higher yields and reasonable safety. If there is a credit crisis, it isn’t showing up in LQD.