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NYSE Summation Index ($NYSI)

The NYSE Summation Index continues to move lower, signaling persistent selling pressure and broad market weakness. Until this indicator reverses and heads higher, the market will continue to liquidate, potentially taking us to the March lows. Stay defensive and manage your risks by cutting loses quickly.

NYSE Summation Index

Despite Friday’s positive close in the S&P 500, the NYSE Summation Index continues to fall from levels not seen since 2004. Until this chart reverses and begins making X’s, the S&P 500 remains a dangerous place for investment. As market breadth continues to weaken, the probability of a successful purchase decreases as fewer stocks are…

NYSE Summation Index Looks Ominous ($SPX $SPY $ES_F)

The NYSE Summation Index looks poised for a correction. The new red O indicates the 2 month uptrend has lost momentum. Investors should get defensive and exercise conservative risk management.